Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yellow Spring - FTU

 photo yellowspring.png
This tutorial is written for those with knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice: I'm using the wonderful art work of Ismael Rac
Which you must obtain a license to use at his store HERE
FTU Scrap Kit by Tasha HERE
Mask of choice
Don't forget to leave a thank you when downloading

Ok Lets get Started:
Open blank canvas 700x650
Open window and place in center
Open swooch and place in center of window
Open tube of choice and place in center

Now time to add our elements
Open flowers and place to bottom left
Duplicate flowers, image mirror
Open flowers 2 - resize 42% and place behind flowers in the center
Duplicate flowers 2 and place beside each other
Open grass resize 42% - duplicate 3 times
Place grass behind the flowers
Open branch resixe 48% and place to left behind flower
Duplicate,image mirror
Open butterflies resize 40% and place where desired
Duplicate as many times as you like

Merge your layers
Open paper 1 and apply mask of choice

Place your name where you like it
Add the Copyright and your License Number for the tube
Resize to your liking and save as PNG
This tutorial was created on May 16,2014 by Rhonda
Any resemblance to another Tag or Tutorial is purely coincidental photo rhondaSiggyApr2013.png

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