Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sorry I was MIA

It seems like forever since I posted on my blog
I have 7-8 tutorials that I need to finish writing and post
As you know I am a Hospice nurse and as much as I love my job it can be very demanding and stressful

My daughter-in-laws father got sick about 3 weeks ago and spent 2 weeks in the hospital
He was diagnosed with Cancer of the Gallbladder,Liver and Bile Duct
He was sent home 2 weeks ago on hospice and given 1 month to live
He was my pt so my job became personal and involved my family
He passed away 5 days later with family at bedside, he was 59 years old

The hardest part of this whole ordeal was trying to prepare my 6 year old grandson of his death
We don't know how a child looks at death so I was heartbroken watching him experience this pain
I took this time away from PSP to be with my family

I am working on getting the tutorials written and posted
TY to all my CT teams for your patience and understanding
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  1. So sorry about your daughter in law's father. That must have been so heartbreaking. My condolences to you and your family.(((hugs))) Janet