Thursday, December 17, 2015

Skimpy Joy - FTU

This tutorial is written for those with knowledge of PSP
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice: I'm using the wonderful art work of Alex Prihodko
You must obtain a license to use his art HERE
FTU Scrap Kit by Melissaz Creationz HERE
Mask by Vix HERE

Ok lets get started:
This is a very quick and easy tutorial
Open element 17 & place in center of tag
Open element 14 and place on top
Grab the magic wand & click inside frame
Selections modify expand by 10
Add new layer under frame
Open paper 4 & paste into selections

Place your main tube

Now time to add our elements
I used the following:
Element 6
Element 10
Element 12
Element 13
Element 15
Element 19
Element 25
Element 27
Element 30

Merge your layers
Open paper of choice & apply mask

Place your name where you like it
Add the Copyright and your License Number for the tube
Resize to your liking and save as PNG
This tutorial was created on December 17,2015 by Rhonda
Any resemblance to another Tag or Tutorial is purely coincidental photo Rhonda2015WinterSig.png

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